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Fayola Delica is a native of South Florida, and one of three children to two Haitian immigrant parents. She is a Minister, Entrepreneur, Award winning International Speaker, Healthcare Professional, Author of 3 books, Educator, Poet, Community Advocate, and Business/Political Consultant. In addition, she is a beauty queen with various titles, and was recently crowned Ms. Florida Plus America 2018. Ms. Delica is a serial entrepreneur; she is the Founder/President/CEO of Fayola Delica, LLC, a motivational speaking and consulting company, Founder and CEO of The 360 Evolution Academy, a holistic etiquette school for youth, and Founder/President/CEO of Delica Construction Services. Also, she is the host of a new community focused talk show, Ms. D Talk Show, which provides a platform for emerging professionals in the community to discuss and identify solutions to issues in our community.

JL: Where were you born?

FD: Miami, FL

JL: What part of Haiti are your parents from?

FD: The south part of Haiti: Aux Cayes and Cavaillion

JL: Have you ever visited Haiti before?

FD: Yes, numerous times for personal, business, and mission trips.

JL: Describe your business in one statement

FD: My business is about aiding others to “Live life to the fullest!” through professional speaking, business/political consulting, writing books, nursing, construction, community advocacy, evangelism, and being a beauty queen with purpose.


JL: When did you find Jesus and how did it change your life?

FD: I grew up in a Christian home in that we went to church every Sunday. Also, both sides of my family are very religious, and many are religious leaders. Even though I knew Jesus at a very young age, I did not understand it was about having a personal relationship with Him until I was a teenager.

JL: What is your favorite bible verse(s)?

FD: Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

JL: What’s your “why” and how did that help you start Fayola Delica, LLC?

FD: My parents have been small business owners all my life, so I had been exposed to that life since I was born. However, my why became more powerful after losing everything during the economic crash that began back in 2008. I had done everything my parents and society told me to do which was to go to a good school, study hard, get a stable career, and buy a house. I did all that by the age of 24, in which I had built my first home. It was my dream home in which I thought I would raise my children. But life happened and living the American dream was no longer a dream but a nightmare. Yet, this time in my life was a bitter sweet experience because I then came to realize that there were two American dreams. The one that the working and middle class believed and then the one that the wealthy, upper class believed. After reading various books and attending several workshops/seminars/conferences, my mind began to shift in how I thought about the economy, money, wealth, and business. Just about every wealthy person is in business for themselves, and that working in the workforce/Corporate America nothing is guaranteed. I had to learn that the hard way as I was working for hospitals and agencies and lost my job and contracts because of the budget freezes due to the downturn of the economy. I promised myself that I will never let that happen to me again and will not allow someone to control my life, time, or my worth. I have a lot to offer this world and my time and talent are priceless. That is when I began doing research about becoming a life coach and a professional speaker. In 2014, I established Fayola Delica, LLC, a professional motivational speaking and business consulting firm. This then led me to starting my own Blogtalk radio show, “The Hidden Treasure” and my own etiquette school for youth, “The 360 Evolution Academy.”

JL: How do you balance everything?

FD: I balance everything by first involving God in everything I do. I fast and pray for direction. Then, I seek to do things that align with my purpose and passion, so it does not take me off course. This makes it a little easier to juggle all the things I am involved with; they all connect and tend to go hand in hand. Therefore, I can do one project and wear various hats that represent the different organizations//groups and projects I am a part of. Also, you must know what season of life you are in order to know how to prioritize your time, strengths, and talents.

JL: Can you share an A-ha moment?

FD: My A-ha moment was when I realized that God is truly in complete control of everything including my life. If I continue to seek Him and serve Him in all I do, I can never lose even when it looks like things are not going as I thought. In the end God always wins and gets the glory because He seeks to provide His children the best in life. Just as Jeremiah 29:11-12 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” I can truly stand on this promise and know God is my biggest cheerleader. He will never fail me.

JL: What has been a discouraging moment during your journey as a business owner and how did you overcome it?

FD: My discouraging moment as a business owner was when I had to consider going back into the workforce to work as a nurse. I had begun becoming a full-time entrepreneur in 2013-2014, so I had been in business for about three to four years. However, I was not making the income I was used to prior to become a small business owner. When I went back into the workplace in a nurse management position, it allowed me to expand my business by getting back into becoming an independent nurse contractor in having clients both in the public and private sector, which I began doing back in 2004.

JL: Do you have any last encouraging words for women who are sitting on their purpose?

FD: All I will say is that you are connected to millions of people because of your purpose in this world. We each have a divine assignment. If you are not living on purpose, then all those who are connected to you can’t live out their purpose. Do not allow fear, insecurity, doubt, or anything else stop you from being the best version of yourselves. It will not be an easy journey but nothing great is ever easy. Zig Ziglar said it best “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” I pray every person listening takes a stand today to do great things in this world. Let’s be history makers!