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EL Charlotin servant, wife of 15 years to Ed Charlotin, raising 3 little kings for God: Tyler 11 and twins Ayden and Brayden 11 months old. EL is an Esther of many trades. Minister, Christian Life Coach at Prospering Women @prosperingwomen, rookie kingdom lifestyle blogger at, Health Case Manager, Author and Mompreneur/CEO of Bwat dé Luxe. An advocate for women to FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES!

JL: Where were you born?

EC: Miami, FL

JL: What part of Haiti are your parents from?

EC: My father is from Lagonav and my mother is from Anse-Rouge

JL: Have you ever visited Haiti before?

EC: Yes, 5-6 summers in my youth from the age of 12.

JL: Describe your business in one statement

EC: Excellence!

JL: When did you find Jesus and how did it change your life?

EC: I’ve started to hear about Him since the age of 10, but we didn’t officially meet until I was 29. In my bedroom, in a brutal moment of discontentedness. It was a bitter-sweet moment of me realizing how my current lifestyle and ill decisions didn’t match my grandeur vision for my life; spiritually, emotionally and financially. He met me in one of my lowest times but it was then I also recognized His voice for the first time.

JL: What is your favorite bible verse(s)?

EC: Romans 8:28- For ALL things work together for those who loves The Lord.

JL: What’s your “why” and how did that help you start (Posh Empires International Inc.)?

EC: My why has everything to do with my obedience to The Most High. I remember reading the book of Exodus and learned of the two men that were called my God to build the tabernacle. Bezalel and Oholiab were the two men God had gifted to in designing the temple with the best of the best. I remember how The Lord had spoken and told them to call all the skilled men and women all had a skill set in the building of the temple. I came to understand two things.

  1. God loves quality people, things and dwells in the spirit of excellence.
  2.  We are all created with a skill to build and help beautify the Kingdom of The Most High.

My skills are in creativity and designing. I’ve used the passion for artistry and excellence to launch multiple entities having to deal with the decorating and designing industry. I have been able to witness to the world using a creative designing approach.


JL: How do you balance everything?

EC: Grace! One of my greatest inspirations comes from the Proverbs 31 woman. As a mother, wife, friend, minister, employee, entrepreneur  etc. I’ve come to realize that there aren’t enough hours in a full day; and wherever I fail in hours Grace covers. In other words, I pray on a plan and add action to it. I do my best to achieve the plan, but wherever I lack, I keep at it with patience and humility until it’s complete.  

JL: Can you share an A-ha moment?

EC: I was having complications to conceive after a miscarriage. I tested my faith against all the odds that my doctor presented before me and prayed for double for my trouble (twins). One month short of two years I gave birth to twin boys, Ayden and Brayden. It all started from the two pairs of baby shoes that I’d purchased two years prior. “Aha! Faith moves mountains.”

JL: What has been a discouraging moment during your journey as a business owner and how did you overcome it?

EC: I made the mistake of expecting the support to come from within my reach. Unbeknownst to me at the time it’s better to extend in order to expand. Now I know anything within your reach is considered your comfort zone; only sleep and fear succeeds in comfort zones.  

JL: Do you have any last encouraging words for women who are sitting on their purpose?


I actually have a book full to say. My first published book called “Self- Defense for Women”- Fighting the devils of your past to win the war on your future.

The devil will do anything to keep the reciprocators from fulfilling destiny. Any woman sitting on her purpose only repeats the disobedience that took place between God and Eve. One of the very first  commandment God ever gave in the beginning of creation, was “Go and multiply.”

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